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  • 2023 - « Amal » de Jawad Rhalib

  • 2023 - « Les sirènes s'isolent pour chanter » de Khedija Lemkecher

  • 2022 - « Lord Curzon » produit par First Ray Film

  • 2022 - « Lakadbagha » produit par First Ray Film

  • 2022 - « Un été à Boujad » de Omar Mouldouira

  • 2021 - « Megalomaniac » de Karim Ouelhaj

  • 2021 - « Tandem Local » de François Legrand

  • 2020 - «The Pink revolution » de Jawad Rhalib

  • 2020 - « Fadma » de Jawad Rhalib 

  • 2019 - « When arabs danced » de Jawad Rhalib

  • 2017 - « Terra Masonica» de Tristan Bourelard

  • 2015 - « Nous Quatre » de Stéphane Hénocques



  • 2022 - « It Takes a Village » de Ophélia Harutyunyan

  • 2022 - « Bazigaga » de Jo Ingabire Moys

  • 2020 - « Cuore pulsante » de Thibaud Libermé

  • 2020 - « PD » de Olivier Lallart

  • 2019 - « Qui Vive » de Anaïs Debus

  • 2018 - « Dynaman » de Michiel Blanchart

  • 2017 - « Le scénariste » de François Paquay

  • 2016 - « L'annonce » de Michiel Blanchart

  • 2016 - « Ice Scream » de Vincent Smitz

  • 2016 - « Petites coupures » de Stéphane Hénocque

  • 2014 - « Babysitting Story » de Vincent Smitz

  • 2013 - « Silence, on détourne » de Bernard Garant

  • 2013 - « Finir en beauté » de Vincent Smitz

  • 2012 - « The smoke king » de Cyril Bossmann



  • « Des histoire et des hommes » série télé marocaine (2M)

  • « La Vague » série RTBF réalisé par Stéphane Hénocque et Michiel Blanchart


  • « Artism » spectacle de danse contemporaine londonien produit par « EXZEB».

  • « Les fils de hazard, espérance et bonne fortune » pièce de théâtre de Martine De Michele produit par En Cie du Sud.

  • « Un coiffeur à valence » de Michel Lefebvre.

  • « Paper Ball » spectacle de magie de Laurent Piron

  • « Je suis une histoire » pièce de théâtre de Anthony Foladore et Simon Fransquet

  • « Hierophanie » de Nicolas Bruno



  • Divers jeux video indépendants “La faux”, “Hexatron”...

  • Le jeux vidéo "Codename : Judgement" (Wild Bishop)



  • Lauréat du Magritte de la meilleure musique originale 2019 (When arabs danced)

  • “Mejor musica original” au FESCIMED (Espagne)

Falling in love with music in his early childhood, Simon Fransquet picked up his first guitar at the young age of twelve. His eager passion for all forms of art including photography, comics, painting and movie culture led him to enroll as a freshmen at Saint-Luc in Liège where, after completing a degree, he decided to fully embrace his love of music.

After spending a year studying classical guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Liège under the guidance of Hughes Kolp, he then pursuited his training at Antwerpen's Jazz Studio where he would spend two years learning alongside reknown brazilian master Victor Da Costa, finally majoring with a distinction in the fields of arrangement and composition. 

As a true guitar virtuoso, his next decade was spent teaching guitar at various non-profit organisations and schools (Little Conservatoiry of Walloon Brabant, Youth center of Chênée and Jupille, the music schools Lyre d'Orphée, Croch’ and MECAM…) where he would regularly oversee musical seminars and classes focusing on various 

topics including beginners courses, musical ensemble and DIY Lutherie (creating musical instruments from found objects) in partnership with festivals, non-profit schools, universities and various organisations.


Alongside his teaching job, Simon also worked as an apprentice for 3 years at luthier Renzo Salvador's workshop where he invented and built his own unique hybrid 8 string bass-guitar instrument as well as an archtop model for local jazz guitarist Quentin Liégeois.

Now a multi-instrumentalist specialised in various disciplines, Simon finally found his interest for both sounds and images reconciled through his newfound love of soundtrack composition, an area that would deeply benefit from the various techniques he'd learned during his various studies as well as his numerous travels abroad from which he would bring back a multitude of exotic traditional instruments.

His influences as a musician vary from classical music to jazz and experimental music as well as more modern genres suchs as pop, rock, metal, hip hop and R'n B but his interest really dwells in traditional world music such as Fado, Flamenco, Latin and Indian music, Balkan music, Irish traditional and so on..

Working as a session musician for over a decade, Simon has played live on more than a hundred shows both locally and internationally with his various projects (Draw Me A Landscape, Chapeaux l'faire, Taxidi, Tanaë, Montenero...) and guested with various acts. His occupations vary from composition - notably for his world music jazz quartet Taxidi - to scoring plays and spectacles such as london ensemble's Artism (produced by EXZEB) and « Les Fils De Hasard » by Martine De Michele as well as video game, commercials, TV shows, and movie soundtracks.

As a composer, Simon has worked on over a dozen projects from short author films to long features with partners such as Artemis Productions (OSS117, Jeux d'Enfant...) and Nexus Factory (Boule & Bill, Les Visiteurs 3) and TAKE 5 all nominated and awarded at famous national and international movie events (Canada, United States, China, Switzerland, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Australia, Russia, Romania, France, England, Austria ...)

The full-length feature Nous Quatre directed by Stéphane Hénocque with actor Renaud Rutten for which Simon wrote the soundtrack has received numerous standing ovations during its various premieres at the Kinepolis theather of Rocourt and was pre-nominated for Best Original Soundtrack Of The Year at the world reknown Magritte movie festival. His work also includes a part of the score of « Terra Masonica » by Tristan Bourlard awarded for the Master piece award in Washington and also the full score of « When Arabs Danced » by Jawad Rhalib nominated and awared in famous international movie’s festivals (Switzerland, Toronto, New York...) and winner of the "best original music" award at the Magritte's awards ceremony. (César/Oscars in Belgium)

In 2013, Simon released his first OST album which he composed for the movie « Finir En Beauté » directed Vincent Smitz, the pair collaborating again on two occasions (« Babysitting Story » and « Ice Scream », both produced by Artémis.)

Two years later, his band « Taxidi » released their first full official LP titled « Dreamy Train », produced by HomeRecords and featuring guests such as Karim Baggili, Quentin Liégeois, Antoine Dawans, Taio Thai (Old Jazzy Beat Mastaz), Alain Deval

with physical releases in the Benelux and Japan.

In 2016, his third OST album written for the movie « Nous Quatre » with the help of Jérôme Magnée (Dan San) was released.

He subsquently replaced guitarist Carmelo Perstigiacomo (Vaya Con Dios) in Montenero, a play recalling the tale of three italian immigrants in Belgium during the mid 40's directed by Martine de Michele who later directed « Les fils de hasard » which Simon also partly scored.

Freshly admitted in the Belgian Screen Composers Guild, he's now working for General Scores alongside reknown composers such as Vincent Liben (Mud flow) and Thierry Plas (Machiavel)


Simon is Currently working on many soundtracks for various short and long feature films, plays and new TV shows coming in 2019. He also working on his project alone on stage.

Texte and translation by Yannick Lemoine.

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