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It takes a village


Production : Wombat Films, Fermata Film, Matching Socks

Réalisation : Ophelia Harutyunyan

Musique et composition : Simon Fransquet, Masha Mnjoyan

Avec : Nanor Petrosyan, Liana Vardanyan, Ani Khachikyan, Astghik Abajyan...


Genre : Film de fiction

Année de production : 2022

L'histoire : Le soir de son anniversaire, Mariam apprend que son mari, censé rentrer dans moins de deux semaines, vient d'annuler son retour. Ce même soir, Anush, une jeune fille du village, est en train d'accoucher dans des conditions difficiles.

2022 LAKADBAGHA (2).jpg
It takes a village.jpeg


Production : First Ray Films

Réalisation : Victor Mukherjee

Musique et composition : Simon Fransquet, Shrutti Pathak, EPR

Avec : Riddhi Dogra, Trushant Ingle, Anshuman Jha, Paresh Pahuja

Genre : Long métrage fiction/action

Année de production : 2022

L'histoire : An animal-loving vigilante Arjun Bakshi, while trying to protect his adopted Indian stray dogs, unearths the fact that an underground illegal animal trade cell functions from Kolkata port. On investigating he chances upon a rare species of the Indian Striped Hyena (Lakadbaggha) – which has been kidnapped from Corbett National Park and is being sold in the black market.

Un été à Boujad


Production : AWMAN Productions, White Boat Pictures

Réalisation : Omar Mouldouira

Musique et composition : Simon Fransquet, Yasmine Meddour

Avec : Azelarab Kaghat, Leila Fadili, Hatim Seddiki, Yasser Kazzouz, Adam Marjan, Hiba Aouad, Ahmed Melkouni, Ahmed Yahia KArimi et Amine Hilmi


Genre : Film de fiction

Année de production : 2022

L'histoire : À l'été 1986, Karim, 13 ans, interne au lycée Lyautey de Casablanca, se rend à Boujad pour les vacances. N'étant pas revenu depuis la mort de sa mère il y a 7 ans, il y retrouve son père Messaoud, sa belle-mère et son demi-frère. Mais les retrouvailles sont plus froides que prévu.
Karim trouve alors refuge à l’extérieur et rencontre les gamins du quartier, Krimo et sa bande ainsi que la belle Nadia. Mais c’est en compagnie de Mehdi, 16 ans, la petite frappe du quartier, que Karim va découvrir la face cachée de la ville et tenter de retrouver la place qu'il pense avoir perdue au sein de sa famille

2022 Boujad.jpg

Tandem Local

Production : Permavenir / RTBF

Réalisation : François Legrand, Marc-Antoine Boyer, Ludovic Bolette

Musique et composition : Simon Fransquet, Jérôme Magnée, LLya Nora, Laura Résimont


Genre : Long métrage documentaire

Année de production : 2021

L'histoire : « Tandem Local » est un projet de documentaire conçu autour d’une longue balade à vélos électriques afin d’aller à la rencontre des héros de notre alimentation : producteurs locaux, coopératives, commerces équitables et initiatives citoyennes. L’initiative du projet est le fruit d’une collaboration entre le média de la transition « Permavenir TV » et l’application « Mangez-Local »



Production : Okayss, Les films du carré

Réalisation : Karim Ouelhaj

Musique et composition : Simon Fransquet, Gary Moonboots

Avec : Éline Schumacher, Benjamin Ramon, Hélène Moor, Wim Willaert, Pierre Nisse, Raphaëlle Bruneau, Olivier Picard


Genre : Film de fiction/horreur 

Année de production : 2021

L'histoire : Martha and Félix are the children of the Butcher of Mons, a notorious Belgian serial killer from the 1990s. Unstable and riddled with insecurities, Martha lives vicariously through social media. Her brother, crushed by the family legacy, takes over their father's killings. Harassed and violently assaulted at work, the docile Martha falls into madness and goes through the looking glass into the strange and terrifying world inhabited by her brother.

affiche Megalomaniac.jpg

The Pink Revolution


Production : R&R Productions

Direction : Jawad Rhalib

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet, Alice on the Roof, Jérôme Magnée


Genre : Documentary

Year of production : 2020

Synopsis : Hocine was born a boy and raised in a conservative family in Algeria. Today her name is Yasmine. Adil and Albéric were born in countries where homosexuality is punishable by prison, lynching, persecution and death… They fled to Belgium and France seeking asylum. Thomas’ Spanish father dreamt of seeing his son married in a church. Ariane, a young feminist queer, refuses to submit to men’s diktats. They all share the same ambition: to no longer be invisible. Together, they try to overcome their fear and conquer places where they’ve never felt welcome before.

Cœur Battant 


Production : IAD

Réalisation : Thibaud Libermé

Musique et composition : Simon Fransquet


Genre : Court métrage documentaire

Année de production : 2020

L'histoire : Assia est en Belgique depuis un an et demi. Jeune boxeuse de 15 ans, elle rêve de devenir championne du monde. Pour ça, elle s’entraîne tous le jours, poussée par son coach Gaël qui veut aussi la voir atteindre son rêve.




Production : R&R Productions

Direction : Jawad Rhalib

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet


Genre : Documentary

Year of production : 2020

Awards and nominations :

• Avril 2020 - Hot Docs Festival (Toronto) 

• Juin 2020 - Sunny Side of the doc (France) 

• Aout 2020 - Durban international film festival (South Africa) - Amnesty international Human Rights Award •

• Oct 2020 - Festival du cinéma méditerranéen de Montpellier (France) •

• Nov 2020 - Festival dei popoli (Italy)

Synopsis : In a little village where, like so many others, time seems to have stopped. It’s summertime, field work is scarce. So, the men are either seated in cafes or taking a nap while the women, cans in hand, children on their back, take a long walk to the source. An age-old order and an immutable division of labor ... until the arrival of Fadma.


Qui vive

Production : Cookies films

Directiion : Anaïs Debus

With : Laura Fautre, Mohammed Sanouji

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet

Genre : Drame, guerre, historique

Year of production : 2019

Awards and nominations :

 • Aout 2020 - Picentia Short Film Festival (Italie) •

 • Juillet 2020 - Best photography and Special mention au Avanca Film Festival (Portugal) •

 • Juin 2020 - Prix d'interprétation au Festival Le Court en dit long •

• Dec 2019 -  Festival Internacional de Cine por la Memoria Democrática (Espagne) - Mejor Musica Original • 

• Nov 2019 - Festival de cortos de Temática Rural de Urrea de Gaén (Espagne) • 

• Octobre 2019 -  Goa Short Film Festival (Inde) •

• Octobre 2019 -  Montecatini International Short Film Festival (Italie) - Best short fiction

 • Nov 2019 -  Rome Independent Film Festival (Italie) •

 • Octobre 2019 -  City Court Festival (France) •

 • Octobre 2019 -  Resistencia Film Fest de Tomé (Chili) •

 • Nov 2019 -  Festival de Cine de Rancagua (Chili) •

 • Octobre 2019 - Aesthetica Short Film Festival (UK) •

• Octobre 2019 - Edinburgh Short Film Festival (UK) •

• Octobre 2019 - Binche Film Film Festival (Belgique) •

• Octobre 2019 - Internationaal Kortfilmfestival Kalmthout (Belgique) - Best actress Award

• Octobre 2019 - Festival International du Film indé de Berck-sur-Mer (France)

• Avril 2019 - Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgique) •

• Nov 2019 - This Women's International Film Festival of Brooklyn (USA) •

• Octobre 2019 - Tetova International Film Festival (Macédoine du Nord) -  "Special mention" Award

Synopsis :

August 1914. Germany invades Belgium and terrorizes the population. Despite being pregnant, Louise is taking care of the farm, her young boy and the crops. A few kilometers away from home, Jules, her husband, is fighting with the allies at the advancing front. In the middle of the night between 22nd and 23rd August, a man turns up at the farm…


When arabs danced


Production : R&R Productions

Direction : Jawad Rhalib

Featuring : Mourade Zeguendi, Sachli Gholamalizad, Farah Bakkali...

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet

Genres : Documentary

Release Date : 2017

Awards and nominations :

• Nov 2018 - Brussels Art Film Festival (Belgium) - Big Award of film of l'art 

• Nov 2018 - International Festival of Mannheim-Heidelberg (Germany) •

• Nov 2018 - DOC NYC (United States) - Official selection •

• Sept 2018 - Toronto International Film Festival (Canada)

• April 2018 - International Festival "Visions du réel" (Swiss) - Silver's Sesterce and Audience Award •

Synopsis : A fundamentalist hates life. For him, it presents temptation, a moving away from God and a loss of time before the celestial paradise with its rivers flowing with milk of eternal taste, its streams of wine, its delights and its virgins. Life is the product of disobedience and this disobedience is the work of the ARTIST. The fundamentalist resents the artist, who gives life to matter and leads pure souls away from paradise with sick ideas, a devilish drawing, a bewitching song or an evil dance… The artist is, therefor, the devil and in order to be able to kill him, the fundamentalist labels him the enemy of Allah. Formerly carefree, the Arab-Muslim world has now become the epicenter of a blind and often violent fundamentalism. Pressure from the fundamentalists overwhelms that of the moderates. The voice of reason struggles to be heard. In the face of this hopeless realization that is threatening our most basic freedoms, Jawad Rhalib questions Islamic Fascism and allows the voice of reason to speak in order to break what is now: “Be an artist and shut up!”.




Production : MédIADifusion

Direction : Michiel Blanchart

Featuring : Guillaume Kerbusch, Lucile Vignolles, Yvain Juillard, Didier Bloclinville

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet

Genres : Fiction

Release year : 2017

Awards and nominations :


 • April 2018 - Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium) •

  • Mars 2018 - Festimage de Charleroi (Belgium) •

• March 2018 - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (Belgium) •

Synopsis :

Masked and dressed in a red cape, Baptiste aka Dynaman, patrolling the streets of Brussels to protect its inhabitants. Unfortunately, once faced with a real danger, Baptiste will realize that fear makes him lose all his means.. 


The Screenwriter


Production : Take Five, Imagine

Direction : François Paquay

Featuring : Vincent Lecuyer, Serge Riaboukine, Sandrine Blancke

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet


Genres : Thriller & Comedy

Release year : 2016

Awards and nominations :

• Jan 2019 - French Short Film Festival of Vaulx-en-Velin (France) •

• Dec 2018 - Dakar Short Festival (Senegal) •

• Nov 2018 - Amarcort Film Festival (Italy) - Audience Award and Special mention 

• Oct 2018 - Ciotat Film Festival (France) - Audience Award 

• Oct 2018 - Festival Internacional de Cine UABC (Mexico) •

• Aug 2018 - Konik Film Festival (Russia) •

• March 2018 - Festimages - Belgian Short Film Festival of Charleroi (Belgium) •

• March 2018 - International Film Festival of Aubagne (France) •

• Jan 2018 - Flickerfest (Australia) •

• Nov 2017 - Manlleu Short Film Festival (Spain)•

• Nov 2017 - French Film Festival in Acadie (France) •

• Nov 2017 - International Film Fest Abitibi-Témiscamingue (Canada) •

• Oct 2017 - International French Film Festival of Namur (Belgium) •

• Oct 2017 - Sedicicorto (Italy) •

• Oct 2017 - Jinzhen International Short Film Festival (China) - Best Director's Award 

• Sept 2017 - International Short Film Festival in Drama (Greece) •

• Aug 2017 - Alpinale Short Film Festival (Austria) •

• Juin 2017 - Palm Springs International ShortFest (United States) •

• Juin 2017 - Le Court en dit Long (France) •

• Mai 2017 - Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium) •

Synopsis : To finish his film, Jonas, ambitious young director, accepts the conditions imposed on him by his producer: rework his scenario with the help of an American screenwriter: John Loubric, a fantastic guy.
He will come to live a few days at home, which is not to please Helen, the wife of Jonas.
One night, John arrives unexpectedly ...

Terra Mosanica


Production : Nexus Factory

Direction : Tristan Bourlard

Music and composition : General score : Michel Duprez, yves gourmeur,Simon Fransquet, Arnaud Blanpain, tim gouverneur, thierry plas

Genres : Documentary

Synopsis :

Terra Masonica meets ordinary Freemasons and presents their current reality with simplicity. We will meet these Freemasons in their daily lives. We will share their visions, their questions in a changing world.

This tour of the world in 80 lodges tells the permanence and contrasts of the lodges of the five continents. This is the first time that we will discover the true Freemasonry, from Patagonia to Lapland, from the USA to India, in 80 lodges. We will discover the oldest lodges of each continent or the most special lodges


Awards and nominations :


• June 2018 - International Art Festival Apollo of Washington (USA) - Masterpiece Award 

• Sept 2017 - Círculo de Estudos Bandeirantes (Brazil

• June 2017 - Oslo Film Library (Oslo) •


Ice Scream


Production : Artémis Productions

Direction : Vincent Smitz

Featuring : Stéphanie Crayencour, Thomas Coumans

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet


Genres : Thriller

Release year : 2016

Synopsis : This is the story of a meeting between a boy who wants to become a director and a girl who wants to become an actress.
The first proposes a role to the second that accepts to make its creative contribution.
As they begin to repeat, the director pushes the young actress to always go further, to the point of mixing reality and fiction.
The trouble is that the climax of the scenario is rather bloody ...

Awards and nominations :

• March 2017 - European Short Film Festival Européen of Bordeaux (France) •

• March 2017 - Landshut Short Film Festival (Germany) •

• Nov 2016 - Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest (Roumania), Best Actress Award and Best Picture Award 

• Oct 2016 - International French Film Festival of Namur (Belgium) •

• July 2016 - Belgian Film Festival of Nîmes and in garrigues (France) •

• July 2016- Festival Partie(s) de campagne (France) •

• May/June 2016 - Le Court en dit long (France) •

• June 2016 - Cannes Festival (Short Film Corner) (France) •

• April/May 2016 - Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium) •

• April 2016 - International Police Film Festival of Liège (Belgium), Big Jury Award and Audience Award 

• April 2016 - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (Belgium), Youth Audience Award 


Small cuts


Production : 300% production et medias

Direction : Stéphane Henocque

Featuring : François Huberty, Justine Louis, Antoine Herbulot, Juliette Dutent

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet


Genres : Drama

Release years : 2016

Awards and nominations :​


• June 2016 - International Cannes Festival (Short Film Corner)- (France) •

• May 2017 - International Police Film Festival of Liège (Belgium) •

Synopsis :

Clément and Julia have been in a relationship for many years. But Clément suffers from deficit disorders of attention. Julia has always accepted the excesses of Clement, until the evening when he goes too far.


The announcement


Production : Dans la boite

Direction : Michiel Blanchart

Featuring : Antojo,Théophile Roux

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet


Genres : Thriller

Release year : 2016

Awards and nominations :

• May 2017 - International Police Film Festival of Liège (Belgium) •

Synopsis : Theo, a young student, answers an ad to make some money. He comes across Paul, a photographer who needs him as a model. As the photo shoot gets more and more strange Theo questions Paul's real intentions.


Four Us


Production : 300% Production Média/ Ulysses Grant Productions

Direction : Stéphane Henocque

Featuring : Pierre Olivier, Justine Louis, François Huberty, Florian Pâque, Renaud Rutten, Didier Boclinville...

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet


Genres : Road Movie - Buddy Movie

Release year : 2015/2016

Awards and nominations ;


• Official selection Magritte of the cinéma 2016 "Best Soundtrack" and "Best Director" and official nomination "Most promising actor" 
• Official selection of Cannes Market Festival 2016 (France) •

Liegois of the year Award 2016 (Belgium) • 

Synopsis :

David is a young man of 20 years old. His life changes when he learns that no donor is compatible for his bone marrow transplant. His adoptive father gives him the address of his biological father. 

And if this man could save his life?

As much worn by the instinct of survival as the need to know this man, David goes in search of him. He embarks with him his three old best friends whose reports have deteriorated over time.

Their escapade will quickly turn into an unexpected trip, full of pitfalls and unusual encounters. At the end of the road, their friendship will be upset because David continues to hide his illness from his friends ...


Babysitting  story


Production : Artémis Productions, RTBF

Direction : Vincent Smitz

Featuring : Sophie BREYER, Pauline BRISY, Julie DACQUIN, Pierre NISSE

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet


Genres : Thriller/horreur

Année de production : 2014

Awards and nominations : 

• 2016 - Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium) •

• 2015 - Magritte Award (Beglium) •

• Aug 2015 - London Fright Fest (UK) •

• April 2015 - MECAL - Festival Internacional de Curtmetratges i animacio de Barcelona (Spain) •

• March 2015 - Belgian Film Festival of Moustier (Belgium) •

• Nov 2014 : Alcine Festival in Madrid (Spain) •

• Nov 2014 : Area De Contenção (Portugal) - Award Menções Honrosas 

• Nov 2014 - Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival of Bruges (Belgium) •

• Oct 2014 - International French Film Festival of Namur (Belgium) •

• Oct 2014 - Horror and fantasy film festival (Spain) •

• Oct 2014 - Festival des Enfants Terribles (Belgium) •

• Oct 2014 -  Short Film Festival of Anderlecht (Belgium) •

• April 2014 - International Fantastic Film Festival (Belgium) - Press Award and Fedex Award 

• April  2014 - Short Film Festival "Le Court en dit long of Paris" (France) •

Synopsis : Two girls, Sarah and Julie, go to a friend's aunt to babysit.

Once alone in the house, and while a thunderstorm rumbling, Sarah takes advantage of the naivety of Julie to tell him a terrifying story that would have really happened in the region.




Production : Supinfocom

Director : Cyril Bossmann

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet


Genres : Animation

Release year : 2013

Synopsis : An overly manic butler tries desperately to clean everything to perfection. 

Beautifully ending


Production : La hutoise asbl

Direction : Vincent SMITZ

Featuring : Jean-Pierre Bruno, Denyse Schwab, Robert Dubois, Joséphine Bonsignore, Mireille Orban

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet


Genres : Satirical comedy

Release year : 2013

Awards and nominations :

•  Oct 2013 - "Les enfants terribles" Festival FIDEC (Huy- Belgium) •

Synopsis : Two little old people, embittered by the burden of old age, want to end life before losing all dignity. Motivated by a this last time, they have the crazy idea to make their death a game.


Silence we rewind


Production : WAT Productions (AT-Prod)

Direction : Bernard Garant

featuring : David Murgia, Pierre Nisse, Jean-François Noville,Denis Closset, Vincent Pagacz and François de Brigode

Music and composition : François Petit et Simon Fransquet


Genres : Fiction

Year : 2013


Awards and nominations :


• Dec 2015 - Bogotá Short Film Festival / Festival de Cortos de Bogotá (Colombia) •

• Oct 2015 - Short Film Festival of Anderlecht (Belgium) - Jury Award 

•  Fev 2014 - Festimages of Charlerois (Belgium) 

• Oct 2013 - Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden) •

• Juin 2013 - Short Night Film Festival of Liège (Belgium) •

• June 2013 - Short Film Festival "le court en dit long " of Paris (France) •

Synopsis :

Two workers, to save their factory, make a promotional film where they transform various emblematic places of Liege in pavilions of universal exhibition. Will this bluff of media bluff convince a Chinese billionaire, known for its investments, to act?


The Smoke King


Production : Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers

Direction : Clothilde Blondot, Cyril Bossmann, Rémi Braun

Music and composition : Simon Fransquet


Genres : Animation

Release year : 2012

Synopsis : A father tries to teach his son how to make smoke signals, but it's not won in advance ...

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